The S Factor Diet is a brand new book written by nutritionist/hypnotherapist Lowri Turner. It explains how getting certain key hormones balanced in your body can hold the key to permanent weight loss.

‘It’s my hormones’ used to be an excuse made by those who just needed to cut down on the cupcakes. But there is increasing scientific evidence connecting specific hormones with appetite, motivation and cravings. By boosting these ‘S Factor’ hormones, you can change the way you look and feel. Yes, you’ll lose weight, but you’ll gain much more: increased energy and more stable moods and control over your eating.

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The S Factor hormones described in the book are:


The ‘good mood’ hormone. Good levels make us feel happy, content, calm and reduce appetite. If you don’t have enough seretonin, you can feel down, sleep poorly and have cravings for sugar, bread, pasta or wine, especially at night. Seretonin is made from protein, but you need insulin to get it into the brain, hence the sugar cravings.

The ‘I’m not hungry’ hormone. Good levels of leptin switch off appetite and energy-sapping food-obsession. Unbalanced leptin makes you crave big portions of food, so gain weight. It is also associated with infertility, depression and skin breakouts, especially along the jaw line, which can really erode body confidence.


The ‘high motivation’ hormone. It helps you feel focused, clear-headed and determined. If you keep falling off diets or have gym membership you never use, it could be that you need to boost dopamine. Low dopamine also increases cravings for caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or sugary/fatty foods and may run in families, so look for family patterns of compulsive eating or addiction.


The adrenals are a pair of glands that help you manage stress. If you have been through a long period of chronic stress – a job going nowhere, a bad relationship, money worries or a bereavement – your adrenals can become overwhelmed, leaving you tired, run down and craving sugar and stimulants such as caffeine to get you through the day.

So How does The S Factor Diet help you boost these hormones and lose weight?

The great thing about The S Factor Diet is it shows you how you can target all these hormones with food alone. No drugs, no over-the-counter medicines, no weird shakes or bars. No starving yourself, no eating the same food over and over again. Instead, The S Factor Diet does two things: supports hormone production and optimises their action.

Hormones are made from protein, so The S Factor Diet includes meals containing plenty of lean protein (chicken, turkey, pork, eggs, low fat dairy and vegetable protein). Hormone action is largely dependent on them being able to get in and out of cells. Cell walls are made in part from ‘good’ fats, so the plan also includes essential fats from nuts, seeds, avocado and oily fish.

Other important parts of the plan are antioxidant rich foods (brightly coloured fruits and vegetables) to support brain function to lift mood, and plenty of fibre, especially ‘resistant starch’ to help steady blood sugar and boost metabolism.

Lastly, The S Factor Diet also includes an evening snack. This is because most diets turn the evening into a food desert, where you are not allowed to eat anything on pain of death. This can create food obsession leading to bingeing. The right snack is a lovely treat that keeps you from fridge raiding.

One size does not fit all with dieting.

We are all different and the diet that suits your friend or your partner may not suit you. This is because you may will have a different hormone profild. At the S Factor Diet are a series of detailed questionnaires, so you can work out which S Factor hormones may be an issue for you. You may be low in one, or all. Then there are four food plans tailored to boost each S Factor hormone. You can then choose exactly the programme that will help you lose weight.

Final thought

You may have read a lot of diet books, watched a shed load of exercise videos, attended weight loss clubs or done online plans. If none of them has worked, it could be time to look a little deeper into what is driving your eating and your weight gain. The S Factor does that. If you’ve failed in the past, it isn’t that you are stupid or weak-willed, maybe you just needed to balance your hormones. The S Factor shows you how.