Lowri Turner is a well known journalist and broadcaster who is now a qualified hypnotherapist and nutritionist. She is a Contributing Editor and the resident nutritionist for Grazia magazine and Mother and Babies expert nutritionist. She writes on health for many newspapers and magazines, including Top Sante, Healthy, Women’s Fitness and the Daily Mail Good Health.
She writes a monthly blog for the UKs busiest health store website, www.revital.co.uk

Lowri turner speaks on the subject of health and weight loss at many events, including ‘The Vitality Show’ at Earls Court. She has lectured on weight loss for ‘The Institute for Optimum Nutrition’ and at  ‘Healthy Live’. Lowri’s first nutrition book ‘The S Factor Diet: The Happiest Way to Lose Weight’ was published in January 2013. It has been featured in a wide variety of magazines and newspapers including Grazia, Top Sante, Zest, Woman’s Own and The Sunday Express and was selected by sofeminine.com as one of their Top 10 2013 Diet Books.

Lowri Turner says:

Well, back in my teens and 20s, I went up and down by three stone. I was always on a diet, falling off a diet, or eating all the stuff I knew I shouldn’t be because I was about to go on a diet. As fellow yo-yo dieters will know, that is an exhausting way to live, not only physically, but emotionally.

The guilt, the sense of failure, the idea that everyone else is judging you depending on whether you’ve lost or gained, the obsession with food…Only someone who has been through that can ever really understand.

It took me 20 years and three children to finally make peace with my body.  But what really made the difference for me was knowledge.

First I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, a condition which makes it difficult to control blood sugar and leads to weight gain. The most effective treatment? Dietary. Then I got rosacea, a skin condition characterised by redness and little bumps under the skin on your cheeks and chin. My face was so red I was embarrassed to go out of the house without make-up. I tried every cream and none seemed to work. The most effective treatment? Again, dietary.

So, I started to study food and the more I learned and the more I put into practise the better I looked and felt. As a former 50-a-day smoker this was a revelation. I am not naturally a lentils and yoghurt gal.  I remember listening to a stick thin woman who told me that if she had a single chocolate biscuit, she got a ‘sugar rush’ and I thought: ‘Oh, for goodness sake, have a whole packet and come round and do my Hoovering’. Still, the proof was in how I looked and felt so I persevered.

In 2004, I decided to retrain as a nutritionist. I reckoned if it had worked for me, it could work for other people. Actually, if it had worked for me, it would definitely work for others as I am a natural sceptic. There is a whole list of ‘alternative therapies’ that I give short shrift. Ear candling, dowsing, reiki… If you are looking for a crystals and sandals therapist, probably better to look elsewhere.

I believe in the power of science not positive energy fields. I use what I know works and I think combining nutrition and hypnotherapy works. With my nutrition knowledge I can spot underlying health conditions and devise a diet and supplement programme to support them. I then add in hypnotherapy to reboot your brain.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand but for many of my clients it provides the key that finally unlocks the reasons why they have not treated their body as they should and open the door to a new healthier life.


Lowri Turner’s Qualifications

Lowri Turner trained in nutritional therapy with the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition and holds a Foundation Degree in Nutritional Therapy from the University of Bedfordshire. She is a member of BANT, The British Association of Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy and is listed on the approved register of the Nutritional Therapy Council.

Lowri Turner trained in hypnotherapy at the renowned Institute of Clinical Hypnosis in London. She holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and is a certified practitioner in Non Linguistic Programming and  Time Line Therapy. She is listed on The General Hypnotherapy Register, recognised by The  Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council.