No more muffin top

Ultimate detox diet

Addicted to chocolate

Bikini panic

Look your best in your wedding dress

Lose your baby belly


Bikini panic diet kitHave you tried on your swimsuit recently and gone ‘arrgh!  This kit is designed to get you into swimsuit shape fast. The food plan has two speeds, an express one for last minute inch reduction, and a slightly slower one if you have a month or more to go before you hit the beach or sunlounger. You choose your speed according to your departure date.

The Bikini Panic hypnotherapy CD includes suggestions to help you slim down quickly as well as visualisation techniques to focus your efforts and increase motivation to get to your goal.

Who is this plan for? Anyone who wants to lose weight in time for a holiday.
How much will I lose? Up to half a stone over 2 weeks, more if you stay on it longer.



To further boost your progress, why not top up with an extra Body Shrinker CD? 


Do you live outside London?
Do you have small children or work long hours and would find it difficult to get to one of our clinics?
Are you looking for a great value way to try our unique brand of weight loss hypnotherapy and nutrition?

Lowri Turner Diet Kits are a convenient all-in-one weight loss solution. They contain everything you need to get started and stick to one of our exclusive diet and hypnotherapy plans. Plus, they’re so easy. There’s no travelling for appointments.  You can do it all at home.

Each kit contains:

  • Complete food plan
  • Full explanation of the diet, plus hints and tips
  • Shopping list
  • Exclusive Lowri Turner recipes
  • Secrets of success
  • Lowri Turner home hypnotherapy CD.


Chris ordered the No More Muffin Top Diet Kit

I just had to say thank you. I have lost weight around my middle and my belts are now two notches tighter; that must be at least three inches. I am also down a size in trousers and jeans.

I did want to lose weight, especially around my middle. I had looked at various diets, been selective with most foods, but nothing seemed to be working. Your kit was great, and the shopping list is a fantastic idea! I find your voice on the CD very relaxing. I am eating the right sort of foods and I am now starting to feel the benefits and see the difference, thanks to you.

All for just £19.99 incl p&p.

 The Diet Kit Range.

You can choose from the following:

No more muffin Top
Ultimate Detox Diet
Addicted To Chocolate
Bikini Panic
Look Your Best in Your Wedding Dress
Lose Your Baby Belly

No More Muffin Top

No more muffin top diet kitIf you’re struggling with weight gain, especially around your middle (the dreaded muffin top), this diet could be perfect for you.  Not all fat is the same and ‘central adiposity’ aka the extra fat many people gain around their middle sections needs a particular dietary approach.

This kit is specifically designed to target that tough to shift belly fat by addressing important factors like blood sugar balancing and stress reduction, both of which will help you get rid of that muffin top and keep it off. The hypnotherapy CD with this kit is specially targeted towards portion size, eating only when you’re hungry and stress reduction.

Who is this kit for? Men and women with 7 lbs or more to lose.
How much will I lose?  1 – 3 lbs p/week.



To further boost your progress, why not top-up with an extra Body Shrinker CD? 

Addicted To Chocolate

Chocoholic body shrinker CdAre your efforts to lose weight sabotaged by chocolate cravings? This kit has been created especially to reduce chocolate cravings so you can stick to a healthy eating plan and achieve the dress size you’d like to be.

Giving up chocolate isn’t simply a matter of staying out of the sweet shop. Most chocoholics can do that for a day or two, before falling off the wagon. However, this kit includes a food plan that can dramatically increase your chances of succeeding longterm by showing you how to balance your blood sugar to reduce cravings permanently.

A key part of this kit is the Addicted To Chocolate hypnotherapy CD which helps to retrain your brain away from chocolate and towards more healthy and waistline-reducing foods.

Who is this kit for?  Chocaholics.
How much will I lose? 1 – 2 lbs p/week or more depending on serious a chocaholic you are.



To further boost your progress, why not top up with an extra Body Shrinker CD? 

Look Your Best In Your Wedding Dress

look your best in your wedding dress diet kitEvery woman wants to look her most gorgeous on her wedding day. After all, that precious wedding snap is going to be on your mantelpiece or wall for years. So many brides-to-be are hugely motivated to lose extra fat. Still, how do you do this safely at the same time as dealing with the stress of planning a wedding?

This exclusive Diet Kit includes a food plan designed not just to help you lose weight, but also to improve your skin, hair and nails so you look good head-to-toe.  The hypnotherapy CD for this kit includes a powerful wedding day visualisation exercise to motivate you get in the best shape of your life.

Who is this kit for? Brides-to-be.
How much will I lose – 1 – 2 lbs p/week.



To further boost your progress, why not top up with an extra Body Shrinker CD? 

Lose Your Baby Belly

Lose you baby belly diet kitHaving a baby is wonderful, but it can play havoc with your shape. If you have decided it’s time to lose the last of your baby bump, this kit includes everything you need to get your old body back, safely and sensibly.

The Lose Your Baby Belly food plan is easy-to-follow and baby-friendly – not peculiar foods or hours spent in the kitchen whipping up tricky menus. It will help you shed fat, but no at the expense of the energy you need to look after and enjoy your baby.

The hypnotherapy CD in this kit is specially designed for new mums and stresses relaxation and enjoying your new role as a mother.

Who is this kit for? New mums.
How much will I lose? 1 – 2 lbs p/week.



To further boost your progress, why not top up with an extra Body Shrinker CD?

Ultimate Detox Diet

The ultimate detox diet kitIf you are feeling tired, bloated or out of control with your eating, the Ultimate Detox is a chance to step out of your normal eating patterns for 14 days and make a fresh start towards a slimmer, healthier you. Over the two week plan, you should lose weight and your digestion, energy and sleep should all improve.

This kit includes a 14 day detox food plan designed to help you shed excess fat, water and reduce gas quickly and safely. There are no weird shakes or bars, just simple, wholesome, easy to prepare food, free of hidden fats, sugars and salt.  The hypnotherapy CD that accompanies this plan has been created to increase your motivation and willpower to stick to the plan as well as help calm and relax you.

Who is this kit for? Men and women who want a fast 14-day healthy kick start
How much will I lose? Up to a dress size in 14 days.



To further boost your progress, why not top-up with an extra Body Shrinker CD?