It’s that time of year when parents start to stress about their teens’ upcoming exams. My own son sits his GCSE mocks in two weeks (eek!). What most parents don’t know is how effective hypnotherapy can be for reducing exam anxiety. It can also help promote better revision habits by calming and focusing your child.

I am now offering a specialist exam stress programme for teens. It includes a 30 minute Initial Assessment (free) when parent and child are present, and then 1 or more weekly 1 hour session of 1-1 hypnotherapy for the teen.

Kids and teens are actually very receptive to hypnotherapy. They tend to have have an open mind about it and vivid imaginations which helps with visualisations. I use stories and metaphors to help them, plus get them to ‘rehearse’ successful behaviours and outcomes under hypnosis. I also use gentle ‘brain-washing’ of the ‘you will feel calm and confident when you turn your exam paper over’ variety.

My experience is that although teens can initially be less than keen to come, once they do get through the door, they are relieved to be able to acknowledge their anxieties and do something about them. They really enjoy the relaxation element. I always put them ‘in charge’ of their own progress and they invariably step up to this.

So, why not talk to your teen about hypnotherapy and come in for a free Initial Assessment.