Slimmed Down CD Prices for Summer

bidy shrinker cds from Lowri TurnerSince you’re all stripping off for summer, relatively speaking, I reckon some of you might like some help in the willpower department. So, until 31st September, I’m offering a 4 for 3 offer on Body Shrinker CDs. Just choose three you think might help you and then you get another one completely free. But which to choose?

Thinking about what works best for my 1 – 1 clients, I’d says the best plan is to start with ‘Stop Stress Eating’, which helps with emotional and comfort eating, ‘Eat Like a Slim Person’ for slowing down your eating and helping you make better choices, and ‘Learn To Love Exercise’ to get you burning that fat. Then add either a CD that addresses a specific issue for you e.g. ‘Chocoholic’ or the all-purpose ‘Willpower Booster’ or ‘Raise Your Self Esteem’ CDs. The latter is important because if you’re struggled with your weight for years, you can end up feeling really negative about yourself and your body. In my experience, feeling better about yourself makes it much more likely you’ll stick to a diet.

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