Presented by Lowri Turner

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The one day workshop is aimed at professional complimentary therapists (hypnotherapists, life coaches, acupuncturists, naturopaths, nutritionists…) seeking to increase their knowledge and augment their weightloss offer to their clients. Members of the public are welcome, but the course will be pitched at therapists.

Date: Saturday 23rd November 2013
Where: London

Weightloss is a huge area for complimentary health practitioners. However, many therapists, while experts in their own fields, could benefit from being able to offer concrete, practical nutrition advice to their weightloss clients.

This 1 day course, created by TV nutritionist and author Lowri Turner, is designed for hypnotherapists, life coaches, acupuncturists and other health professionals, as well as nutritionists wanting to refresh and extend their knowledge. It will enable you to add value to your weightloss offer with effective nutritional tools including:

The Weightloss Food plate
Traffic Light Foods Lists
7 Day Food Plan

You will be able to use these immediately to improve your success rate with clients.

Why come to this workshop?
One of the main reasons why people go to see complimentary therapists (particularly as we approach January diet season) is to lose weight. If you are a hypnotherapist, acupuncturist, life coach or other practitioner you will probably have your own methods of helping them achieve this. However, could there be something missing from your approach, namely, food?

What do you do when your client asks you:

What should I eat to lose weight?
Which diet should I go on?
How do I stop the weight coming back?

Do you suggest they buy a book, ask their GP, go to Weightwatchers? If you are a nutritionist/naturopath, not specifically trained in weight loss, it can be just as difficult knowing exactly what to suggest.

Nutrition for Weightloss is a brand new 1 day course, created and presented by TV nutritionist Lowri Turner which draws on her own knowledge and experience helping hundreds of clients lose weight. The course is designed to increase your nutrition knowledge so you can confidently answer questions from your clients, as well as provide you with some unique tools to boost their weightloss.

The course will include:

Nutrition Fundamentals
* Protein, fat, carbs and fibre, the important vitamins and minerals and their food sources. What is a healthy diet?
* How to work out if you are over/underweight, plus jargon buster (BMI, body fat percentage, pounds/ KGs, high/low GI)
* Special diets – vegan/vegetarian, halal/kosher, gluten/wheat free
* Dealing with eating disorders and when to refer

Reasons For Weight Gain
* Physical e.g. Type 1 & 2 diabetes, hypothyroid, PCOS, menopause, thrifty gene syndrome, medications
* Psychological e.g. weight and depression, insomnia and night eating, addictive foods, childhood eating

The Diet Landscape
* Commercial diets incl. The Fast Diet, GI Diet, Dukan, Atkins
* Food replacement Diets e.g. Lighterlife, Slimfast
* Surgery – gastric band, balloon and bypass.

How to Help Your Clients Lose Weight
* Advice to offer, nutritional guidelines to follow, putting together a food plan
* Tools e.g. Weightloss plate, Traffic Light Lists, 7 Day Food Plan
* How to improve compliance
* Answers to common questions
* Case studies.

You will receive a course pack to take home including notes and tools.

The aim is that by the end of the day you should be confident in your weightloss nutrition knowledge, be able to tailor this to a wide variety of clients and have a set of effective weightloss nutrition tools to offer your clients.

Discounted rate of £99 when you book on this website

(£110 elsewhere)