‘I want to be able to run about in the garden with my daughter’ says Jose, 40, company director

Jose came to us wanting to lose six stone. Working long hours, running his own successful company, he was largely desk bound. Jose often worked late into the night, running on coffee and biscuits. As a result: ‘I don’t feel hungry for breakfast,’ he said.

However, with a young daughter, Jose was concerned about the implications of his weight on his future health. ‘I want to be able to run about in the garden with her,’ he said.

We designed a food programme for Jose that would ensure he had a constant supply of energy to complete his demanding work schedule while also losing weight. Hypnotherapy was added to beat cravings and boost his motivation to go to the gym. Jose also decided to undergo age regression to explore deeper issues connected to his history of over-eating.

In six months, Jose lost four stone. He now goes to the gym three times a week. Jose has remained with us and his progress continues.


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