Jo Rheam, 41, a working mother of two, is from Buckinghamshire.

Jo came to us to lose weight, especially around her muffin top area. Jo was feeling tired, anxious and generally overwhelmed by trying to juggle work and two small children. She had a history of post natal depression and had been offered anti-depressants by her doctor, but wanted to try and improve the way she felt naturally.

Jo felt that stress was at the root of her weight. ‘When I feel anxious, I want to eat rubbish,’ she said. We designed a food plan for Jo that would even out her moods and reduce sugar cravings. Hypnotherapy was used to boost her self esteem and reduce stress.

At the end of four months, Jo’s muffin top had shrunk and she had dropped a dress size. Her moods and energy were also more stable. ‘I feel so much calmer and happier’ she said.


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