Easter is supposed to be a religious festival but for those trying to lose weight it can seem more like a giant chocolate fest, Che-Easter rather than Easter. Everywhere you look right now there are eggs, bunnies and chocolate in every other shape imaginable. This makes it really difficult to stay on the straight and narrow if you’re battling an egg-shape body yourself. So, here are my top tips for beating the Easter chocolate nightmare.



  1. Ask friends and family not to buy your chocolate.
    Prevention is better than cure. If you have a house full of chocolate you will eat it.
  2. Make a plan.
    Decide what you’re going to do with eggs if you are given them. Do you have kids you can donate them to?
  3. Melt them down.
    Part of the appeal of Easter eggs is the fancy packaging. If you melt your Easter eggs into chocolate, they are immediately less appetising. Then either freeze this chocolate or cook with it. Make biscuits and give them away.
  4. Buy yourself one small Easter egg that you really want.
    So you don’t feel deprived, give yourself one small egg you really want and enjoy every mouthful. This will make it easier to achieve tips 1 – 3.