amandasmithAmanda Smith, 27, a marketing manager from Tunbridge Wells

Amanda came to see us with wanting to lose weight. With a demanding job, Amanda found herself over-eating at night. She explained:  ‘When I get home from work, I feel absolutely dead and want something quick. I go straight for the fridge’.

Amanda also had a long history of skin problems and had been prescribed Roacutane, which she felt was affecting her mood. Her problem skin was damaging her self esteem and causing her to comfort eat. ‘My skin really depresses me. I try to cover it with make-up with make-up but it’s never really clear. I find it so frustrating,’ she said.

For Amanda, we designed a food and hypnotherapy plan to rebalance her hormones and improve her mood so she could, with her GP’s agreement, reduce then stop the Roacutane. Hyphnotherapy also helped improve her confidence and self image, to reduce self-sabotaging behaviour such as fridge raiding.

After three months, Amandaa had lost a stone, her skin was clear and she was training for a marathon.


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