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Do you start diets full of good intentions, but fall off them when you’re under stress?

Do you feel the need to ‘treat’ yourself with food after a hard day?

Do you crave chocolate, bread or pasta, premenstrually or at night?

We all know what we should be eating, so why don’t we all do it? Because our emotions can get in the way. We have a tough day at work and we reach for a big bowl of pasta, a relationship break-up sends us to the freezer for ice-cream.

A diet may get the weight off, but if you don’t deal with the root cause of emotional eating, the weight will come back, as many yo-yo dieters know all too well. Our stress and emotional eating plans are built round a food programme designed to keep your moods stable and reduce cravings, with hypnotherapy to help you break old habits and build new better ones.

A central part of these programmes are the cheats and tricks we teach you to rewire your brain to beat triggers and change associations, so you can finally conquer the old automatic patterns of eating that may have lead you to not being able to do up your jeans.

What you receive on our plan:

  • Personalised food and supplement plan
  • Individual shopping list and recipes.
  • Weekly weigh-in, nutrition advice and support.
  • Weekly one-to-one hypnotherapy.
  • Set of hypnotherapy for weight loss CDs to keep and use at home.

Why not come and talk to us?

1 Hour Initial Assessment: Special discounted rate of just £50, and you get this back when you book further consultations.