Sugar is top of the health news at the moment, blamed for everything from obesity to ageing, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. So, if you want to look and feel younger, healthier and slimmer, you should kick it, right? The problem is how?

Anyone who’s tried to go sugar ‘cold turkey’ (what no fruit!!) on their own will tell you it’s tough. That’s where hypnotherapy can help. It can help repogramme the brain to change eating behaviour so triggers like stress or boredom don’t lead you to sugar. It can also help install new, healthier eating patterns, so cravings disappear naturally..


What’s In The Sugar Addict programme?

3 x 1 hour consultations
Individual, 1 – 1 hypnotherapy
Set of hypnotherapy MP3s to back up progress at home.
Kick The Sugar Habit nutrition pack

Subjects covered in hypnotherapy
Beating the sugar cravings monster within
Overcoming your sugar triggers
Reprogramming childhood lessons about sugar (sugar as a treat)
Relaxation without sugar
Learning to say ‘no’ to sugar ‘feeders’
Maintaining motivation and focus


Sugar is highly addictive. It is an analgesic (pain reliever) on both a physical and emotional level. But, you may not even know you’re addicted to it. This is because you don’t have to be eating your own bodyweight in Mars Bars to be a sugar addict. You may be getting your ‘fix’ from supposedly healthy foods.

Take the Sugar Addict Quiz to find out if you’re a Sugar Addict

Do you crave chocolate, biscuit or cake?
Do you like porridge or toast for breakfast?
Is dinner not complete without rice, pasta or potatoes
Do you feel lightheaded or even angry when hungry
Do you start your evening at ‘wine O’clock’?
Do you snack on oat cakes or rice cakes because they are ‘healthier’?
Do you eat more than two pieces of fruit p/day?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may be a Sugar Addict and benefit for the Sugar Addict programme.



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