Make Money From Your Old Vitamins and Minerals.

make money from your old vitaminsHow many bottles and packets of old vitamins and minerals do you have kicking about at home? Probably lots. Maybe you took them and didn’t feel any different, so you just gave up? The problem with lots of high street health pills is either the dose is too low, or the formulation is cheap and ineffective. No wonder they don’t appear to work. Still, you’ve invested money (as well as hope) in these pills and capsules, so shouldn’t you get something back?

I only use professional level supplements with my clients, many of which are not available to the general public, but can only be obtained by professional practitioners. Professional supplements are more expensive, but can give a real boost, especially to weight loss. To prove they work, until 31st September, make an appointment with me and when you bring in your old vitamins and minerals, you can earn vouchers for money off professional supplements. Bring in 1 bottle/packet for a £5 voucher, 2 bottles/packets for £10 and 4 bottles/packets for £15 off.

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