Welcome to my new website. It’s designed to be easy to use, accessible and non-scary. As part of a plan to provide increasing amounts of free advice and information, check out the brand new Lowri Turner TV. There’s a welcome video, for those who don’t know me and want to get a sense of what I’m about. Then, there are four videos about different subjects I get asked about.

The yo-yo dieting video is very personal to me as I used to be a numero uno yo-yoer, so I know the frustration of that. Now that I am a trained nutritionist and hypnotherapist, I have a better understanding of the causes and hopefully can help other yo-yoers find a solution as I have.

Eat Yourself Happy is the title of the book I’m writing at the moment (out January 2013) and it’s something I’m really passionate about. I see lots of clients who arrive depressed and overweight. It’s a chicken and egg thing as depression causes overeating and overeating can make you depressed. Many of these clients are either on or have been offered anti-depressants. But, simply by changing what you eat can make a huge difference to your mood and lose weight.

Superfoods are one of subjects that people are really suspicious of. How come superfoods only seem to come from the top of some weird mountain and cost an absolute fortune? In this video, though, I explain which good value everyday foods, like oats and eggs are also Superfoods, so you can eat a Superfood diet on a budget.

Vitamins are another area about which people feel ripped off. You know how it is, you invest in some vitamins and take them every morning and feel absolutely no difference. How annoying, not to mention a waste of money! However, there is a reason why some vitamins don’t seem to work. It may be something as seemingly bizaare as you’re taking them at the wrong time of day, for example. In this video, I’ve got advice for which vitamins/minerals to choose and how to get the best out of them.