Also new for this January: Diet kits. I get a lot of phone calls from clients who live outside London who want to try my hypnotherapy and nutrition approach but simply can’t get to me regularly. As a mum-of-three I am also acutely away of the difficulties coming in for appointments when you’ve got to organise childcare. The idea behind my new Diet Kits was to make my service more accessible and convenient to a wider variety of people.

The kits themselves are as close to what I give my one-to-one clients as possible. They include a food plan, explanation of the diet, shopping list, recipes and even take-away ideas for those times when you just can’t be bothered to cook. They also contain a CD that I have written and presented myself so you can get the benefit of weight loss hypnosis from your own bed or armchair.

The aim is to have a range of Diet Kits, aimed at solving different weight loss problems. My first one is out this January. It’s my Ultimate Fast Fat Loss Detox Diet which could help you lose a dress size in just 14 days. Yes it’s tough, but hopefully, you’ll have everything in the kit to get you started and help you stick to it.

And the price is discounted till the end of January from £29.99 to £24.99.