1 hour kick sugar hypnotherapy session £149

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Are you struggling to control your cravings for sugar?

Are your efforts to lose weight being derailed by sugar?

Do you feel frustrated or out of control because of sugar?

The answer could be specialist hypnotherapy.

This can help reduce cravings, break bad habits and install new healthier ones.

Why not come in for a free Initial Assessment to discuss how you can kick the sugar habit.

What is Sugar Addiction

Addiction is a strong word, but science tells us that sugar works on the brain in the same, albeit weaker, way as drugs and alcohol.

* Sugar is an analgesic. This means it relieves pain. Sugar water has been shown to be highly effective in calming colicy babies. It is also why parents give it to children when they fall and hurt themselves. However, this can set up a habit in adults where you use sugar to make yourself feel better even when you’re not ill. When you had an argument with a patner or just a busy day at work.

* Sugar is an anti-depressant. Sugar causes the release of a hormone called insulin and this helps a little molecule called tryptophan get into the brain. The brain uses tryptophan to make seretonin which is a naturally occurring anti-depressant. Medications such as Prozac and citalopram, but if you’re not on one of those you may be unknowingly using sugar to boost your seretonin levels and feel better do the same thing.

* Sugar gives you energy. Obvious really. However, while a hit of something sweet lifts the blood sugar which makes you feel full of energy, your body then removes excess sugar from the blood. This can cause ‘reactive hypoglycaemia’ where you blood sugar drops very low and you crave sugar again. It’s difficult to get off this merrygoround once you start.


* Sugar is addictive. Scientists may argue about whether sugar is physically or psychologically addictive, but those in the grip of a craving they just want it to stop. With specialist hypnotherapy you can.

One more thing, it’s not just the obvious foods that are a source of sugar, thing like cakes and biscuits. There are other foods and drink that could be feeding your sugar habit. These are foods that may not even taste particularly sweet, but break down into sugar in the body, including.

Bread, pasta and rice
Wine, beer and cider
Breakfast cereal, muesli and porridge

I can help you by designing a low sugar food plan to accompany your hypnotherapy so you know where the sugar is in your current diet and what to replace these foods with.