It’s January, so the whole world is on a diet, or is just that how I feel? January is a tough month. Christmas is over and unless you’re on the beach in Barbados (is it just me or do other people silently seethe when they see Simon Cowell sunning himself post Christmas in the newspapers?) it can feel grim. But it’s also a fantastic time to get that ‘click’ in your head. This is when you think ‘enough is enough. I have a wardrobe of clothes I can’t get into and I’m going to do something about it!’

The economic times don’t help. Every time you switch on the TV, it’s doom ánd gloom. Well, enough already. If we can’t personally save the Euro (unless we’re Angela Merkel) then what we can all do is make a few changes to ourselves. That we do have control over.

Perhaps you’ve had that ‘click’ in your head moment and that’s why you’re on my website? If you have, then get in touch. Come in for an initial assessment (it’s free and you’ll go away with one of my home hypno CDs), order a diet kit or go on the waiting list for the CDs. Let me help you make 2012 the year you finally get the body you want..