Celeb Trainer Matt Roberts Top Toning Tip

Matt Roberts Celebrity TrainerSummer’s here and while it’s fantastic to finally feel a bit of warmth, this does mean abandoning the layers many of us cling to for security. In the warmer weather, all sorts of bits of us we’ve been hiding are now on show. For many women, it’s the bingo wings that we most fear flashing. If that’s your particular insecurity, I’d love to say that I can help you firm them up in a day or two. Sadly no. It reminds me of a conversation I once had with celeb trainer Matt Roberts. He said clients came to him thinking that with a bit of toning, they could banish bingo wings. He said: ‘It doesn’t matter how much exercise you do, if you want to look toned, you have to get your body fat down’. So, ladies, you heard it from the Mr Muscle himself, weight loss is the key. A bit depressing, perhaps, but at least you can have a break from those stomach crunches to have a salad!