New! Body MOT

Struggling to lose weight, feeling tired, bloated, sleeping badly or just generally not as well as you’d like? Why not come in for a Body MOT? This is 2 x 1 hour consultation package. It begins with a one hour nutrition and hypnotherapy session in which your current and past health are fully discussed to reveal hidden factors that may be causing health issues. You receive on the spot nutrition advice, plus a home hypnotherapy CD. A health report is sent to you afterwards with further advice on diet and lifestyle changes that could benefit you.

At your 2nd 1 hour consultation, you will be given your individual food plan, shopping list and recipes. These will all be tailored to your particular health issue or goal (weight loss, PCOS, hypothyroid etc). You will receive one-to-one hypnotherapy and another home hypnotherapy MP3 download.

Body MOT: £99

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What’s included:
1 x 1 hour consultation with Lowri Turner
1 x health report
1 x home hypnotherapy CD

MOT Plus One: £199

If you know you’re not feeling or looking your best and you want a plan of action to improve things, this two appointment nutrition and hypnotherapy package includes both a 1 hour Body MOT and health report and a 1 hour follow-up appointment, including a food plan designed just for you and one-to-one hypnotherapy.

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What’s included:
2 x 1 hour consultations with Lowri Turner, including one-to-one hypnotherapy on 2nd session
1 x health report
1 x Individual food plan, shopping list and recipes.
2 x home hypnotherapy MP3 downloads